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FOCUSRITE ISA 220 - Processore Multifunzione

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The ISA 220 Session Pack provides all you need to record your session with precision and Focusrite sonic performance. Usato solo in studio.
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FOCUSRITE ISA 220 - Processore MultifunzioneFOCUSRITE ISA 220 - Processore Multifunzione690,00 €

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It features many of the original circuits of the flagship ISA 430 Producer Pack along with some new features of its own. It also features the same digital option as the ISA 430, providing you with a high quality digital route direct from the 220 into your digital recording system.



Precision VU metering of input level or compressor gain reduction (switched)

16 LED Digital Output meters for both internal and external inputs

Classic Focusrite transformer based Mic pre

Switched High and Low pass filter controls

Switched High and Low shelving filter frequency controls

Optional Stereo A/D ? 24 bit 96 KHz Delta Sigma converter running at 128kHz oversampling: dithers down to 20- or 16-bit

Proprietory Focusrite discrete Class A VCA Compressor side chain design for lower distortion and Noise performance

Illuminated push button for switching the compressor between pre and post EQ

New Blend feature for adding dynamics into the compressed signal path

New De-esser design based on optical technology for lower distortion and transparency

'De-esser Listen' for precise control over sibilance

Frequency adaptive limiter to avoid critical digital overs



Inst. Hi Z I/P

Noise: -96dBu

THD: 0.003% with 0dBu

Mic I/P

Noise: 123dB EIN with 150 Ohm input resistance at 60dB of gain

THD: 0.0008%


Threshold Range: -28dB to +12dB

Ratio: 1.5:1 to 10:1

Slope: Soft knee

Attack: 500ms to 25ms

Release: 100ms to 4s, variable or auto (program dependent)


Threshold Range: 22dB

Frequency Range: 2k2 to 9k2

Ratio at Centre Frequency: 2:1


Threshold Range: 20dBu

Ratio: infinite (Brick Wall)

Attack: Frequency dependent

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