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Microfono a condensatore valvolare.
The AM40 microphone is externally identical to the AM30 except that it is finished in satin silver rather than black and has a 6-pin XLR connector for connection to the included power supply.
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Unlike the previous two models, which run on standard 48V phantom power, the AM40 is a hybrid FET/tube model and so requires a dedicated PSU. The PSU itself is built into a compact steel case with a switched IEC mains socket, a red status LED and XLR connectors for the mic and for the output. No other controls are fitted to the PSU and there's no mains voltage selector. As with the AM30, the whole kit comes in a camera case and the AM40 also includes the necessary multicore lead to connect the mic to the PSU.


The same pad and roll-off switches are fitted and the paper spec looks virtually identical with similarly low noise and distortion figures. Opening the body reveals the tiny GT5840M Nuvistor tube, hard-wired to the circuit board. These little tubes require only 6 Volts to operate, which is claimed to produce cooler operation and hence less noise than more conventional valves. A Cinemag nickel-core output transformer completes the signal path.

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