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Preamplificatore Tube /Digital con Multieffetto - 1U Rack
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Successfully combining a digital world with tube warmth is something Rocktron takes great pride in, and the VooDu Valve Online is just one of the results.

The VooDu Valve defines new standards, giving you the warmth and clarity of your favorite plexi or pre-CBS combo in a single-rack package and is unique in the way that you can choose either High or Low tube gain selections dependent on how much tube break-up you want for any application. If you want an ultra-clean tone with a sharp edge and minimal distortion, select "low" tube gain presets. If your tone requires a tinge of dirt, dial up "high" tube gain selections and run minimal digital distortion to get natural medium-saturated tones reminiscent of a maxed out half stack. And for you "gain-heads", run "high" tube gain with digital have to hear this!


Guitar One Magazine wrote: "Right off the bat, the Voodu's presets offer a veritable cornucopia of versatility. It was clearly a primary focus of Rocktron to equip their new preamp with a wide range of preset programs from the most pristine clean to the obscenely mean. Pretty much every degree of warm, lownlevel dirt and blistering lead tones can be conjured up from this high-tech witch doctor."


The Preamp section also includes very usable controls not found on other preamps, like Variac, Pentode, Triode and Solid State voicings. With the Voodu’s incredible four-band post EQ section and comprehensive pre EQ section, you will never run out of tone shaping ideas. Guitar One Magazine said: "The unit’s full parametric EQ (pre and post) is extremely flexible and allows a very high degree of custom tone tampering."

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